Cash is King.

Bad debts destroy businesses.

All too often, businesses respond to being knocked by a debtor by shrugging their shoulders, writing the debt off and letting those who owe them money get away with it.

Griffin Law helps businesses recover money that has been written off.

No further outlay or risk required.

Given up?

Do you or your business have a good claim against someone that you have written off because you don’t want to throw good money after bad?

Too much hassle?

Do you feel you have been denied justice because you did not want the cost or hassle of pursuing someone who caused you damage?

Another chance?

Would you like the chance to recover money that you are owed - at no risk or cost to you?

Bad Debt Audit from Griffin Law

How does it work?

Through our pioneering Bad Debt Audit, we will sit down with CEOs, CFOs or financial controllers of businesses to determine which debts can, in fact, be pursued cost-effectively and at no cost or risk to those businesses that are owed money.

We do not want you to throw good money after bad.

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